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CONCERT | Noiserv: Uma Palavra Começada por N | Avenida | 10-18€

Local multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Noiserv (who is talented, has a cool name, and whose website lets you play a digital piano) has been called a “one-man orchestra” for his extensive talent as, well, a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter. Noiserv’s been making some serious noise both locally and internationally for over a decade now. This year, Noiserv has a new album. It’s called Uma Palavra Começada por N (“A Word Beginning With N”). It’s all in Portuguese, so it’s probably not the word you’re thinking, but we see what he did there.

Noiserv will be serving up tracks for his new album on Friday, November 13th, and you are hereby invited to listen.

10-18€ tickets, which are going fast, here.

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