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CONCERT | Siwo | 3€

Simonal Bie is originally from Mozambique. He is also a producer, vocalist, beat-maker, and dancer, and he currently lives in Barcelona. Moreover, Simonal is, according to organizers Com Calma, “considered one of the pioneers of Afrobeat in Spain, having founded 10 years ago the mythical Afro-funk band Moya Kalongo.”

They add:
“Later, in 2016 he created Nu Epoque, a Nu soul and electronic band with strong influences from J Dilla and Fela Kuti. Siwo is the culmination of these projects into a more personal commitment, in which he explores his identity as a multidisciplinary artist from the African diaspora. After releasing his solo EP Stand For, Siwo describes his sound as ‘electronic Afrofuturist with notes of hip hop, punk, soul, and Afrobeat.’ Explosive live performances accentuate his versatility as a musician, producer, and performer.”

This Friday night, Simonal, Siwo, and Com Calma want to share an explosive live performance with you.

ENTRY*: 3€ (aka annual membership to Com Calma).

*Plus voluntary contribution for Simonal and Siwo.

Here’s a taste of Simonal and Siwo.

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