Events » Party » COSTUME PARTY | At night all cats are gods | Santos | 9,76-15€

COSTUME PARTY | At night all cats are gods | Santos | 9,76-15€

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February 28, 2020 @ 19:00 – February 29, 2020 @ 03:00
Casa De Desenho
Cais da Rocha Conde de Óbidos Cais das Oficinas
Armazém 115, 1350-352 Lisboa
COSTUME PARTY | At night all cats are gods | Santos | 9,76-15€ @ Casa De Desenho | Lisboa | Lisboa | Portugal

Hey there, hip cat.
Do you love Greek mythology, immersive parties, glittered faces, and disco?
We thought you might.

Locals Gato Blaster (simply self-described as “immersive parties, glittered faces, disco lovers”) and Casa de Desenho are ready to Greek out this weekend with their ‘À noite todos os gatos são Deuses’ extravaganza.

Here’s their invite:
“Olá Gatos.
We’re back! This is our first story together this year.

This story was inspired by ancient times; it’s about love, myths, and heroes. It’s about a lost city, hidden in the clouds, where deities are playing with humans and humans are playing gods.

Open the gates of Olympus: sneak into its mystic ruin forest, let Apollo pamper your ears with antique poems & divine music, accept Dyonysus’ invitation to drown yourself in wine, consult the oracle of Pythia, look at Pygmalion and Galatea falling in love, or dance under the lights of Zeus’ thunderbolt…

For this very special gathering, Rendez-Vous in an exclusive venue, a waterfront brick house, where disco & house music will meet performative arts, with, as always, amazing DJs, and some secret guests from Lisbon & beyond, for an unforgettable night.

Come as the mythological creature, hero, the god or goddess you’ve always wanted to be…

All together we can make this party a horn of plenty.


Tickets here.

DRESSCODE: Greek Mythology.

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