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DANCE PARTY | Baião no Mercado | Cais do Sodré | FREE

From Wikipedia:
“Baião is a Northeastern Brazilian music genre and dance style based on a syncopated duple meter rhythm, based around the pulse of the zabumba, a flat, double-headed bass drum played with a mallet in one hand, and stick in the other, each striking the opposite head of the drum for alternating high and low notes, frequently accompanied by a triangle pattern.”
Well, that’s a mouthful…

Speaking of food, the Time Out Market, while having some delicious goodness within its walls, can be a bit pricey for a big portion of the local population. Fortunately, dancing is still free.
That’s why this Friday night the market invites you to shake your money-maker with Baião in the Market.
Here’s what they tell us:
“We wait for everyone to break into Time Out Market’s food court with lots of music and dancing!”


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