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DJ PARTY | 20 20 at Damas | Graça | FREE

Here are just a few reasons why DAMAS remains one of the cooler late-night clubs in town:
-its musical events are usually free to get into;
-its bouncers are not assholes (unlike, say, those of Lux Fragil);
-it has a diverse line-up for nearly every musical event it hosts;
-its dancefloor is usually full;
-it has a kitchen with plenty of late-night munchies (the place doubles as a restaurant during the day);
-it has two bars, with Portuguese wait times but affordable drinks and friendly efficient service;
-it stays open much later than most other places in Graça;
-it’s one of the few remaining places in Graça where you can find locals.

This Friday night DAMAS once again opens its doors for locals and visitors alike to shake their money-makers into the wee hours of the morning with a line-up of local DJs with some very, very funky names.
Free of charge.

The line-up :
23h – warmup* (*we’re not sure if that’s a DJ or not).
00h – b4icry2 + hellbae.
00h30 – 5laughter.
01h00 – mizu.
01h30 – sicboy3000.
02h10 – Kenny berg + drati.
03h00 – baby sura.
03h30 – dj set closing + oseias and nicotinefather.


Here’s b4icry2 to give you an idea of what to expect from this decade.

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