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DJ PARTY, ACTIVISM, AND DINNER | DJ Rue & DJ Manifesta at Sirigait | 3€

“I dance out of desperation and out of desire.
I dance against fear and to take back the street.
I dance because dancing has no goal and that undermines capitalist logic.
I dance because I feel the vibration of the bass in my body.
I dance because rebellion is movement. I dance because rebellion is necessary.”

That’s what organizers Sirigaita say about this Friday night. And they add:
“DJ Rue + +queer feminist+ + mixing a selection of Hip-hop, Rap, Reggaeton, and Vogue from around the world – from dance to rebellion!

DJ Manifiesta performs an energetic mix of Cumbia, Balkan and Electro-Folklore, united by a love of roots, diaspora beats, and cultural exchange.
From UK-bass origins, Manifiesta lived for years in Latin America, recording and collaborating with diverse producers, and has performed on stages across Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Europe.”

Yummy food from 20h cooked by Akra Collective.

ENTRY*: 3€.
*All donated to Ukraine-Poland direct solidarity borders crews.

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