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DOUBLE CONCERT | 3NoPalco: Orfélia e Jhon Douglas | 10€

3NoPalco (or “3 on stage”) is a project by local Juninho Ibituruna at the new Graça bar/restaurant/coffee shop Samambaia, which “provides meetings between composers, performers and instrumentalists.”
The organizers add:
“This time, on the Samambaia stage we will have the junction of the Amazonian sound of Jhon Douglas with the Luso-Brazilian music of the duo Orfélia.
Above all, a new concert for people who like and follow the sound of Jhon and Orfélia, and, on the other hand, a beautiful opportunity for those who don’t know them to get to know them.”

Showtime: 20h30.

ENTRY: 10€.

Here’s a taste.

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