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“Loaf (verb): to avoid activity, especially work.”
The Cambridge Dictionary.

“Today, loafing, as a mode of existence, may well be one of the last subversive acts and means of combating and living affirmatively amidst the information and technological age.”
Bartholomew Ryan.

Bartholomew is one of the original founding members of The Loafing Heroes, a local “dream-folk” band comprised of members from Ireland, Italy, Germany, USA, and Zimbabwe. Its weapons of loafing include the autoharp, the violin, the bass clarinet, the guitar, the concertina, and percussion. For a band that treats loafing as a philosophy, they have been busy: they’ve recently recorded their sixth album, MEANDERTALES, and they want to share it with you this Thursday.


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And here’s a glimpse of the heroes loafing around some stairs in Lisbon.

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