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ECO-FRIENDLY DEBATE AND MUSIC | Pints For The Planet (and Wildlings) | Graça | FREE

The polar ice caps are melting. This past July was the hottest in recorded history. Plastic has become an essential part of the average whale’s daily diet. Half of the planet is literally burning. The Amazon is still burning too…
Cow dung.
Donald Trump.
Greta Thunberg…

In a nutshell — we’re f.cked.

But, hey, it’s never too late to turn things around, right?
And the best way to do that?
With beer.

Wildlings describe themselves as “a group of young people, who build and found our homes in a remote area of Central Portugal that came here from all corners of Europe and even crossed oceans to inhabit the abandoned farms, revive the dilapidated fields, and reforest the depleted mountain slopes.”
They add:
“We left our privileged city lives behind, because, in a world that is currently so out of balance, that comfort zone didn’t feel right to us any longer.
We love to take you on wild rides, show the highest peaks and deepest valleys of Central Portugal, dive into the many hidden paradise pools and waterfalls, bath in the beautiful indigenous forests, plant seeds of inspiration and environmental wisdom, find the intimacy in connection and change the outdated perspective from Natural wealth into Common wealth.
We also want to connect with you and other Wildlings all over the planet who feel that something ain’t right and that it’s time for humanity to change direction. We are here to discuss ideas, share inspiring content, and cheer each other on along the way.”

This Sunday, Wildlings want to learn, share, dance, and drink, with you, at Má língua.

Their plan:
Doors at 17h30.
Wildlings’s Talk at 18h.
Music by DeVibe.
And pints.

All proceeds go to Wildlings.


Here’s a taste of DeVibe (using plastic correctly).

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