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ENVIRONMENTAL DEBATE | Eco not Ego: Demystifying Sustainability | Campo Grande | FREE

“And when I say “motherf.cker” I do mean “motherf.cker”
Because Mother Earth is dying
And we continue to f-k her.”

One week ago, the European Parliament declared a state of European climate emergency. The next day there was yet another global climate strike.
And this week, her majesty Greta blessed Lisbon with her presence.

In short, today the line between eco and ego is finer than ever before.

Here’s what RESSONÂNCIA, the organizers of this debate, have to say:
“On this day we will spend an afternoon reflecting and debating the theme “ECO NOT EGO: Demystifying Sustainability.” We will have the participation of different speakers involved in the development of projects in the area of ​​sustainability and environmental planning in Portugal. An informal roundtable, where the public can intervene when they wish, followed by a small zero-waste coffee break, and then the screening of a documentary film on the same theme, in partnership with the MedScene club.
We aim to “spread the word,” demystifying certain concepts in this area, and especially empower the audience so that each one becomes an active agent of change.
Bring all your friends and family, and sign up here.*”

*Registration for the event is not required, but we recommend that it be done to facilitate event logistics.

The program:
16h00 – Round Table.
18h – Zero-Waste Coffee Break.
18h15 – Documentary film.

Go be an active agent of change.
Or just feed your ego.
Or both.


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