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ENVIRONMENTAL TALK | Garrett McNamara: Facing the Next Mammoth Wave | Cais do Sodré | FREE via Eventbrite

November 27, 2018 @ 18:00 - 20:00

FREE via Eventbrite

There’s a very good chance that we don’t have to tell you who Garrett McNamara is. But, just in case, he’s a surfer.
In 2007 he became the first human to ever ride a wave created by a calving glacier. Not only that, he broke the world record for riding the biggest wave ever surfed, right here in Portugal (Nazare). That’s also where he got married. He likes stand-up paddling. Yep. And his son’s name is Barrel (get it?).
So, basically, Garrett is the definition of badass, and the ocean is his second home. So it comes as no surprise that Garret loves it and wants to keep it clean.
Second Home, a co-working space in the heart of Cais do Sodré, invites Garrett to explain why.
Here’s what they tell us:
“Hear big wave rider and eight-times Guinness World Record holder of the biggest wave ever surfed, Garrett McNamara, discuss his new initiative to reduce plastic pollution on the planet.
Today he runs workshops that inspire the next generation of leaders to be more conscious of their impact, by creating transformational experiences immersed in nature and challenging brands to incorporate environmentally-conscious solutions.”
The event is free with registration via Eventbrite, here.

Here’s what a future ocean wave might look like if we don’t listen to Garrett.

And here’s a video featuring the best surfer’s kid’s name in the world.


Second Home
Mercado de Ribeira, Avenida 24 de Julho, 1200-479 Lisboa, Portugal
Lisboa, 1200-479 Portugal
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