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Exhibition | Micro Exhibition by Abacaxi Lab | Graca | FREE

There’s nowhere better to hold a micro-exhibition than at a micro-padaria.

This “teeny tiny exhibition at the teeny tiny but wonderful Micro Padaria” is a display of linocut work by Abacaxi Lab and includes an array of motifs, colors, and designs. Finally, someone is mixing cut-outs with cake and bringing all the good things in life to one room.

Who are Abacaxi Lab? Well, you can find out by reading their recent Atlas Q&A.

The opening will be on December 1st from 16:30, don’t miss out.

Please be aware that this is only open when the bakery is open (obviously). Those hours are as follows:

Friday 9AM–2PM, 4–7PM
Saturday 9AM–2PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 9AM–2PM, 4–7PM
Tuesday 9AM–2PM, 4–7PM
Wednesday 9AM–2PM, 4–7PM
Thursday 9AM–2PM, 4–7PM

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