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FADO (AND FOOD) | Bela Ensemble | 7€

Here’s what Bela Ensemble (the Beautiful Ensemble) say about themselves:
“Bela is born in Alfama, in this contemporary Alfama. From the taste and respect for fado and hearing within it the possibility of hearing the whole world.”

Pharmacia Musical, organizers of your possible Friday night dose of culture, via the Bela Ensemble, say:
“The emotional and poetic charge of tradition is the perfect vehicle for the boldness of arrangements, for rhythmic deconstruction, for the point of convergence. If one does not lose sight of where one is coming from, whatever path one takes will be made with meaning. Bela walks well.”

Bela Ensemble are:
Carlos Mil-Homens – percussion.
João Penedo – double bass.
Otto Pereira – violin.
Ana Margarida – voice.
Rafael Brides – 7 string guitar.

ENTRY*: 7€.

Concert starts at 20h.

Reservations via

*Consumption required (they will have to serve dinner to be open).

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