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FILM AND DISCUSSION | SAS 2019: Sonic Landscapes and Spatial Constructions | Avenida | 3,20€

“I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained.”
Walt Disney.

Like sci-fi in literature, the genre is too often overlooked, reserved for the kids, treated as cute, or not even considered film at all.
Well, those people are wrong.
Animation is what film wants to be. It is one of the most sophisticated and candid forms of communication in recent centuries. And yes, we mean cartoons and stuff too.

The Society for Animation Studies (SAS) seems to agree. Hence, for their 31st official conference (organized by ULHT and taking place through June 21st), “ANIMATION IS A PLACE” is the theme.
Here’s what they say:
“The organizers have invited practitioners and scholars to address animation as a privileged space within the realm of the moving image, a unique position that allows animators to not only create imaginary worlds but also, more importantly, to look at and challenge the world we live in.
In ‘Sonic Landscapes and Spatial Constructions,’ fellow Punto y Raya Festival‘s co-director Nöel Palazzo will discuss the crucial role played by Abstraction in comprehending, navigating and constructing spaces — both real and imaginary — and their intrinsic relation to visual and sonic rhythms.
We will explore foreign spaces made possible through the magic of non-representational animation, and we’ll discuss how these can help creators and viewers develop their cognitive capabilities even further. The talk will be illustrated with some key examples from the latest Punto y Raya Festival.”

ENTRY: 3,20€.
Tickets here or at the door.

Check out the full program for SAS 2019 here.

And go bend some space and sound while being entertained and learning stuff too.

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