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FILM | CineClima 2019: “Exit Time” | Avenida | FREE

Ever think that watching a movie can save the planet?
Well, turns out you were right.
In preparation for the rapidly-gaining-steam climate strike planned for next week, Cinema City is showing its solidarity with CineClima… Get it?
They are kicking things off by premiering “A HORA DA SAÍDA” (“Exit Time”) — a film by Sebastian Marnier about a defenestrating teacher — free of charge.

And there’s plenty more climatically cinematic fun planned for the week.

Here’s what the organizers say:
“The climate is in crisis, human rights are at stake, and we have 10 years to halve global emissions.
We need climate justice now.
We believe that watching a movie can help.

Framed by a worldwide action week culminating in a Global Climate Strike, CineClima is a movie week and debate across the country to alert you to the climate crisis, and point out ways of action.
100% climate and human rights.
100% free.
100% volunteer.”

Learn more about CineClima here.

FREE ENTRY (limited to capacity).

NOTE: You’ll probably need some French and/or Portuguese for this one.

Here’s the trailer for Friday night’s flick.

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