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to Dec 30 | FILM CYCLE | 50 Years of April | Avenida | 3 – 5€

January 3 December 30


Half a century after the Carnation Revolution, Cinemateca will host a set of cycles meant to address revolution, freedom, future, and community to celebrate the anniversary.

Where is the freedom? (Rossellini) Freedom for us. (René Clair). Ghosts of freedom. (Buñuel) Freedom. (McCarey) Freedom and country. (Godard-Miéville) Paths to freedom. (Cinequipa) Does work free you? (Pêra) The titles mentioned in puns allow us to gauge, without restricting, the breadth of the topic as an axis of cinema programming. Other examples of titles to come include the Lumière catalogue by Germaine Dulac, Maya Deren, Jean Epstein, John Ford, Nicholas Ray, Billy Wilder, Robert Bresson, Jacques Becker, Zoltán Fábri, Otar Iosseliani, Don Siegel, John Carpenter, Jean-Luc Godard, Jerzy Skolimowski, Amir Naderi, Jafar Panahi, Panah Panahi and more.

“Cinema is, for us, the most important of the arts”, according to Lenin’s famous phrase, and Soviet cinema, especially in the years immediately following 1917, was the first great experience, concerted and premeditated, of constituting the cinema into revolutionary art, into art at the service of a political revolution. Half a century later, its interpreters and main figures were still those who inspired other concerted and premeditated experiences of combining cinema with a revolutionary practice – as happened in France with the Dziga Vertov Group, Jean-Luc Godard, and Jean-Pierre Gorin. Expect to see films by Griffith, Farocki and Ujica, Kazan, Maldoror, Smith, Borden, Ford, Tourneur, and more to experience cinema as a spectator, a vehicle, an agent, and a consciousness of revolution. This is the vast route to which we invite the Cinemateca public.

In this first anticipation of the axis of the Cycle “What Will I Do with This Sword?” dedicated to thinking about the future, ten titles are presented that seek to cover the diversity of approaches that we considered when planning this program. We intend to compose a panorama that accommodates both fiction and documentary cinema, both short and extremely long films, both real-image and animation cinema. Now we are collecting films that reflect on the idea of ​​destiny to deal with the uncertainty of tomorrow.

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€3 – €5 Depending on the film/showtime

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