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Ok, this one is trippy af. So we’ll just let the organizers explain:
“Formulated in the 18th century by James Hutton, the concept of “deep time” defined that the temporality of the earth was configured as a dynamic cycle of stratified flows in various temporalities. Excavations into the earth are thus a kind of time travel to the past, but also a way of predicting future changes on the planet. These geological scales have therefore become essential in understanding concepts that refer to a terrestrial period in which human activities have a global impact on the functioning of the planet’s ecosystems: when deep geological time is corrupted by the time of human convenience. In this context, Jean-Luc Nancy affirmed that today we are experiencing a process of “supplementation”: technology integrates nature’s raw material into its devices, at the same time that the same technology transforms and depletes natural resources for its own purposes. In this way, the geological matter has become pertinent to understand our technological circumstance, but above all to show certain labor, social and ecological costs implicit in these supposedly virtual and immaterial practices.

“Under the Ground” proposes to present a set of works of different temporalities, images, and geographies – ranging from Ghana, the Pacific islands, Greece, Japan, Antarctica, North America, or the Sahara desert – and that they seek to reveal central issues for a broader understanding of the earth’s profound temporality, and its critical relationship with contemporary times of economics and technology.”

Told ya so.
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