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FOOD, DEBATE, AND LIVE MUSIC | Dinner with Gaza | Alfama | 15€

Dinner and politics.
Oh boy…
But, then again, food does bring people together. Which is kind of the philosophy of Make Food Not War, a local non-profit project with a taste for equality.
Here’s what they say:
“Make Food Not War brings the community together around traditional vegetarian cuisine and music from the Middle East, Africa, and South America – cooked with love by refugees and migrants living in Portugal.
Founded in October 2016 by Paulo Alexandre de Mascarenhas Álvares, Make Food Not War hosts weekly family-style meals in various locations around Lisbon. Guests have the opportunity to try home-cooked vegetarian food from different cultures, hear traditional live music, and make new friends.”

And here’s what they’re making happen this Saturday:
“The cook, host, and organizer is Haneen Abualsoud, a young Palestinian woman working with the Youth Committee of Gaza who has been traveling throughout Portugal raising awareness about the situation there.
As we come together around the table to enjoy home-cooked Palestinian food, we will be joined via Skype by the Youth Committee of Gaza as they share their meal with us.
Humans Before Borders (HuBB) — an organization dedicated to upholding the rights of migrants and refugees – will be present to help us deepen our understanding of the Gaza crisis from 17h30 to 19h.
Haneen will close out the evening by filling our hearts with traditional Palestinian songs.”

ENTRY: 15€*.
*For booking (and questions), please contact Alex at,
or call

Hummus with Pita Bread,
Hara Potato with yogurt (spicy potatoes with coriander and turmeric).

Main Course:
Maqlouba with fatoush salad,
(Traditional Palestine meal with rice and vegetables upside down garnished with salad).

Jasarya (Carrot-coconut pudding).

White and Red wine,
Iced Tea.

Bom apetit, and peace in the Middle East!

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