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FREE MUSEUMS | International Youth Day | Various Locations | FREE

🎶We are young, they are free,
it’s all thanks, to DGPC
See our friends, see the sights
And feel alright 🎶

Sunday, August 12, is International Youth Day 2018, and in celebration, DGPC has made all its museums and monuments free after 2pm for “youths.” (That’s yutes if you’re a die-hard My Cousin Vinny fan.)

What constitutes a youth? Anybody under 29 years of age. That is a pretty generous sweep of people, so go get some culture this weekend, you young whippersnappers!

The DGPC controls many museums and monuments, a list of which can be found here.

Additionally, on the 12th there is free entry to Na Rota das Catedrais – Construções (d)e Identidades, at King D. Luís Gallery, Ajuda National Palace.

Before the weekend comes, get into that youthful spirit.

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