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GUIDED TOUR | Guided Visits to the Sky | Alcântara | 20€

Lisbon streets are difficult to take your eyes off of. Because, you know, the breathtaking beauty of them and stuff.
As soon as the sun starts setting, however, we’re reminded to look up. This time because of the equally breathtaking beauty of the Lisbon night sky, which blends seamlessly with the city streets…

The Lisbon Observatory invites you to marvel at the afore-mentioned celestial wonder with Visita Guiada ao Céu, which they describe as “a guided tour through the night sky, where you can see and learn a little more about our Universe, in an emblematic space, and in contact with nature.”

The tour includes:
Planetary nebulae.
Clusters formed by thousands of stars.
Maybe one or two drones and/or those light-up things that the guys on Rua Augusta are always launching…
And Saturn.
The walk is accompanied by astronomers from the Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences who will explain the objects observed both with the naked eye and through telescopes.

20€ per person.

Reserve your spot and learn more here.

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