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GUIDED TOUR | “The Crimes of Lisbon” – 3rd Edition | Praça do Comércio | 10€

Everyone knows that the biggest crime in Lisbon today is being perpetrated by the well-dressed, arrogant, painfully conspicuous gentlemen crawling its busier streets and corners, in the hundreds, beyond the reach of the law, chanting “Hashish? Marijuana? Cocaine?”
But, like any other big city, Lisbon also has its fair share of honest crime and bloody history.
Those with a strong stomach are invited to join this evening tour of places where some of the city’s most violent episodes on record took place, from downtown Lisbon to Alfama and Mouraria, from 500 years ago to today.
NOTE: The tour starts at Praça do Comércio, lasts two hours, and ends at Rossio square. And it’s on a Friday night. This almost guarantees being approached by one or more of the above-mentioned wannabe criminals. Remain non-violent and just say no.

Register via PEDDYMAIS@GMAIL.COM or by phone: +351-91-477-38-36.

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