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JAZZ CONCERT | Nuno Ferreira Quarteto | 10€

Here’s what Hot Clube — one of the oldest jazz clubs in the country and organizers of local guitarist and songwriter Nuno Ferreira‘s quartet’s next concert — say about this Friday night:
“This group brings together musicians from different generations of Portuguese Jazz around compositions by Nuno Ferreira that serve as vehicles for improvisation and musical interaction, in an invitation to discover unusual soundscapes with musical influences that transcend the aesthetic boundaries of Jazz.”

Nuno Ferreira – guitar, composition
Bernardo Tinoco – alto saxophone
Francisco Nogueira – double bass (day 1)
Francisco Brito – double bass (day 2)
Luís Candeias – drums

Doors: 22h.
1st Set – 22h30 / 2nd Set – 24h.

ENTRY: 10€.

Here’s a glimpse of Nuno and his quartet.

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