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KIDS’ THEATER | Cláudia Gaiolas: Marquesa de Alorna | FREE

Seems like there are just way too many princesses these days, no?
Well, here’s what organizers of this refreshing look at history for kids Cultura na Rua say:
“Continuing the Antiprincesas cycle of shows, Cláudia Gaiolas dedicated herself to Portuguese women who have marked history.

This is a work that revolutionizes the way we look at girls and boys, women and men. Here everyone is equally fierce, fragile, curious, and inquisitive, possessors of delicacy and adventure. There is no solemnity to introduce these inspiring characters. They are protagonists, narrators of their own adventures and inventors of games and romps.

Leonor, Marquesa de Alorna, had her childhood marked by the public execution of her grandparents, the Marquises of Távora, accused of an alleged attack on King D. José and the consequent imprisonment of the entire family. Leonor, then 8 years old, was sent to the convent of São Félix in Chelas, where she remained until she was 26 years old. There Leonor kept up a secret correspondence with her father, who tried to educate her from a distance. She became an established writer and a woman who never let herself be dominated, challenging the political power and the Church in search of justice and freedom.”

Saturday and Sunday, 11h and 16h.

Duration: 60mins.

Sessions in Portuguese (and in Portuguese Sign Language).


*With limited capacity, subject to prior reservation via and pick up on the day, 30 minutes before the show, with a limit of 4 tickets per person/family.

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