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LIVE MUSIC | 1st Anniversary of O/B with Mystic Jungle, Cedric Woo and More | Beato | 9€

A year ago, a bunch of DJs and their friends decided to get together and take and make a party. O/B (ouro bravo, or “brave gold”) was the result. This month, O/B turns one year old, and guess what they’re doing?
Here’s how the organizers of this shindig describe what they do:
“O/B is a rare unidentified groove based in Lisbon. An idea that got too big for a living room, so we’re welcoming everyone to gather and enjoy a good vibes music event.
We invite selectors to come and dig extra deep into their crates to make you dance.”
Can you dig it? If so, here’s the line-up:

Cedric Woo
Mystic Jungle (live)
María P.
Tickets: Resident Advisor (pre-sale 9 €)
And there’s an after-party from midnight ’til 5am.
*Tickets for the after-party only at the door.
Stay gold, O/B, and Parabens!
In the meantime, let Cedric Woo woo you.

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