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LIVE MUSIC | Ancestrofuturismo, CelesteMariposa, and friends at Anjos70 | Anjos | 5€

Ancestrofuturismo translates to “Ancestor Futurism.”

CelesteMariposa translates to “Heavenly Butterfly.”

Cigarra translates to “cicada.”

BirdZzie translates to… well, “BirdZzie.”

And Anjos70 (the venue, not a band) translates to “Angels70.”

If words were enough to sell a show, this one sells itself, no?

But the aforementioned are more than just cool names. They also all happen to be pretty good musicians from Portugal and Brazil.
And, this Friday, they are spreading their wings, making some noise, and taking you to the future at Anjos70.

5€ at the door.

Here’s the heavenly butterfly, forcing some love, to get you inspired.

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