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LIVE MUSIC AND DANCE | Fast Feet Social | Olaias | 4€

One way to stay warm in Lisbon in winter is to leave the house.
One good reason to leave the house is to dance.

Here’s what local dance school Little Big Apple have to say about that:

“We got some amazing musicians to play specifically for you guys! They will come together just for this event and they are called … drumroll ….
The Fast Feet Trio!”

Namely, Mattia String (guitar, trumpet, etc..), Pedro Gens (piano, drums), and Max Colls (saxophone).

And your feet.

Little Big Apple adds:
“Expect fast times, groovy music, and an amazing opportunity to dance the Shag, the Balboa, the Charleston, Solo, and Fast Lindy!
See you there!”

ENTRY: 4€.

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