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LIVE MUSIC | “Shaka’s Lo-fi Experience” at Má Lingua | Graça | FREE

Joaquim de Brito, aka Shaka, is a classically-trained Portuguese musician and one of Lisbon’s most interesting and prolific artists. He spent two years in Seattle not too long ago where, inspired by the city’s urban and natural energy, he created “Shaka’s Lo-Fi Experience.”

In his words, the project is “a tribute to the unmistakable electric sound of Seattle native Jimi Hendrix and the unparalleled Brazilian percussionist Naná Vasconcelos. Shaka’s weapons of choice are the berimbau along with lo-fi devices like pedals, microphones, and vintage amps.
He comes to Má Lingua to kick some ass on Victory Day, and you’re invited to experience the magic firsthand.


Here’s a taste.

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