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September 9, 2018 @ 10:00 – 17:00
LX Factory
R. Rodrigues de Faria 103
1300-501 Lisboa
WEEKLY | FARMER'S MARKET | "LX Rural" at LX Factory | Alcantara | FREE @ LX Factory | Lisboa | Lisboa | Portugal

Eating at McDonald’s does not make you a bad person. Your ancestors have done it for generations, and you can always opt for just lettuce. But sometimes you just want something a little more natural and less controversial, if only to avoid those awkward dinner-party conversations.
In comes LX Rural, the new farmer’s market brought to you by LX Factory, the hippest (or freshest?) mini-Brooklyn this side of the Atlantic.
Here’s what they tell us:
“From the countryside to the city, from generation to generation, a rare market emerges. A market of freshness, quality and value.
Wake up early on Sunday and bring the family to the Rural Lx!
Come and meet the producers of traditional, sustainable and biological agriculture. Savor the products of the time. Come and taste the homemade bread, the preserves, the fresh vegetables, the sausages (thank Jesus!), the honey … and take the tradition and art to your table!
Indulge yourself in this market of colors and flavors of the field!”
The market is open to producers from all over Portugal, and is sure to make your Sunday hangover, if not better, healthier.

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