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MARKET | Anjos70 Xmas Art & Flea Market | FREE

“Christmas gifts are in local trade!” is the motto for this weekend’s market at Anjos70. Expect a “selection of the best stalls for all tastes and wallets” that feature clothing, new and used items, vintage fashion, crafts, decoration, artwork, independent publishing, alternative, ecological, and handmade items, beauty and hygiene products, as well as food, drink, music, and general Christmas merry.

And here’s a bit of history from the organizers:
“It was in 2012 that the Feira das Almas was born, a small event to promote emerging artists and independent stores that until then could only be found online. This event that was supposed to happen only once ended up becoming one of the most important markets in the city, occupying the two floors of the building on the first weekend of each month with more than 100 stalls. It was here that many projects and small brands took their first steps. Crafts, clothing, accessories, music, decoration, you can always find a little bit of everything.”

P.S: Word on the street is that the venue might be shutting its doors soon (for a new location), so go show some last-minute love.


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