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Despite what your room temperature tells you in the morning, spring (aka “prima”) is right around the corner.
And here’s how Casa da Semente is celebrating, in their own words:
“Welcome spring with inspirational objects, useless and useful artifacts that hail the coming of Persephone and Ostara. As the realization of a new dawn is upon us, with but three weeks left to the equinox. Our stems reach high to the emerging sun collecting inspiration from the stroking wind. Let us like the mighty Orca and Orangutan assemble as a community and share our instruments.

There will be art prints, original works, articles of design, perishables and instruments, garments both old and new, and workshops!”

Arts and Crafts by:
• Micaela Jarast.
Rannieri Sokrates.
• Madalena Viveiros.
Marcus Puga.
Luciana Albuquerque.
Marija Reikalas.
• Douglas Augusto.
• Joana Feijó.
Rita Grancho.
Rossella RZ.
. C H A R A T A .

Music and live session by:
TheBboyWannaBeDj ‘Bday Edition’.

Enjoyment with:
+ Live Painting by Pura Poesia.
+ Tattoos.
+ Film.
+ Photography.
+ Binary Cuisine by Kalil Gaby.


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