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MEETUP | Creative Xchanges – Nov Session | Príncipe Real | FREE

“I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things.”
Tom Waits

The creators of Creative Xchanges describe it as “a monthly event that brings together creative minds from various walks of life to have conversations about art, creativity and the things that make life worth living. The panel is made up of people immersed in the worlds of music, literature, theatre, design, fashion, fine arts, photography and much more.”

The theme for the November session is “Making Music: Purity versus Innovation” and is moderated, as per norm, by Irish native Lisbon local writer Peter Murphy. This time Peter welcomes guest speakers Joaquim de Brito, aka Shaka, local Portuguese music aficionado, and musician and visual artist Nicole Miguel.
And, of course, you’re invited too.
Come exchange some creativity.

The event is free and open to all. But since seating is limited, registration is encouraged. The bar area at Cossoul is, however, as always, open and accessible throughout. Sign up here.

Read more about the organizers, the theme, and the guest speakers, here.

Hear what keeps Tom Waits up at night, just for some inspiration.

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