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MEETUP | Sustainable Fashion Lisbon | Cais do Sodré | FREE

Want to do something to save the world but don’t really fancy leaving the bar? Good news, Sustainable Fashion Lisbon is gathering people together to try to make sustainable business in Lisbon more… well, sustainable.

From the organizers:

“The ice caps are melting, by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean, and poverty is rife.

Our daily actions matter now more than ever before, and environmental stewardship is one of the single most powerful things we can do for our planet and for future generations.

The Sustainable Fashion Lisbon group aims to bring together all the movers and shakers of LX, like-minded, driven and enthusiastic people aspiring to elicit long-lasting positive change.

If you own or work for an eco brand, if the fashion revolution movement resonates with you, if you’re curious to know more about how you can both reduce your impact, and do better for the world around, then join us!

This is a community gathering, a relaxed event hosted with the purpose of getting to know each other, present interesting projects, and exchange ideas – because wonderful things happen when you put good people together in one place.

Come by and feel free to bring friends!”

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