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This artisanal market of food, clothes, and trinkets takes place the first Sunday of every month from 10h to 19h in the summer months and to 18h in the winter months on the outdoor terrace of the architecturally stunning — if you’re into modern architecture, that is —  Centro Cultural de Belem. This is the place to get a spice you’ve never heard of, a very specific type of honey you’ve never known you needed, fresh cheese of all kinds and from all kinds of animals, a custom-designed purse made of some recycled thing or other, and much more. It’s more upscale, is what we’re saying, than Feira da Ladra or the nearby Feira de Antiguidades e Velharias de Belem. But you may find that the prices here are often fairer.

From the organizers, meanwhile:

“The CCB Market – Show, See and Do – takes place on the first Sundays of every month. From gastronomy to nature, from offers for children to contemporary handicrafts, we invite Portuguese brands and projects to show their work at the CCB. We challenge the public to see and participate in workshops, watch cooking moments, or dance at the end of the day.”

To become a vendor, or put on some sort of “activity,” read their rules here.

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