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MULTIMEDIA PERFORMANCE | Liquid Sunset: A Multisensory Immersive Experience | Graça | FREE

Some people take drugs to experience a liquid sunset.
The organizers of Liquid Sunset, however, think that the right combination of light, sound, improvised dancing (and, of course, booze), might just be enough to brighten your Saturday evening.

Here’s how they describe their latest multisensory experience:
“We, Agapeh and Amanda, are designers with backgrounds in theatrical lighting design, architectural lighting design, and media design. We have been studying the effects of light on the human body and mind by researching the growing field of color and light therapy.
Liquid Sunset Details:
You will be greeted at the door and led into a space lit in different lighting scenes. Each scene is designed to stimulate the brain to create an immersive and multi-sensory experience. These scenes are set to address the imbalance in your life by saturating you in the colors needed to bring about positive change.
There will be a central light art installation which is inspired by the iconic sunset of Lisbon.
The DJ will be spinning atmospheric music in the background. These soundtracks are specially composed to emulate the frequencies your brain emits in different states of consciousness.
There will be several interactive dance performances. You will be invited to improvise with the performer in a contemporary way while focusing on your body and mind or chose to be an observer.
There will be drinks available for purchase.”

FREE ENTRY (book your spot here).

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