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MUSIC | Elder + Desert’Smoke Live at RCA CLUB | Alvalade | 12€

Get yourself in high gear and head up to Alvalade for your yearly fix of stoner and progressive rock, cut with some experimental heavy metal.
Desert’Smoke are Portuguese and describe their instrumental joints as “melodies that take you to the most deserted areas of this planet. A trip in this desert with chaotic moments, headbanging but as well as intimate moments in the darkness of your mind.”
Elder is a decade-old band from small-town Massachusettes; their bio states that “relentless touring and increasing disillusion with the gimmicks and lack of creativity plaguing the heavy rock underground spurned the trio on to expand their sound, bringing in more psychedelic and progressive elements to their music.”
RCA CLUB invites Elder and Desert’Smoke to share the stage on Tuesday — funky sounds (and funny smells) are sure to be experienced.
Get your tickets here.
Here’s some reflections of a floating world courtesy of Elder.

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