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MUSIC | Favela Chic: Brazilian Party | Alcântara | 10€

Favela is a Brazilian Portuguese word for “slum” or a low-income urban area in Brazil. Chic is commonly defined as “elegantly and stylishly fashionable.” For these and other reasons, “Favela Chic” is maybe not the best name for a party. But, then again, ghetto fabulous is so 2018…
Anyway, according to Chiado Club, the organizers, Favela Chic is “THE BEST BRAZILIAN PARTY IN LISBON!”
From Bale Funk to Reggaeton, with an exclusive focus on Brazilian and Latin American music, they promise to turn the club into “a Brazilian island full of joie de vivre and hot rhythms” for the night.

10€ gets you entry and a drink.

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