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ONLINE JAMS | Lisbon Irish Session Under Quarantine | FREE

July 7, 2020 all-day Europe/Lisbon Timezone
ONLINE JAMS | Lisbon Irish Session Under Quarantine | FREE

In olden times, on any given boring Monday night, you could find a bunch of talented locals churning out some traditional Irish tunes at O’Gilin’s, our favorite (and the oldest) Irish pub in Lisbon.

Oh, how times have changed. O’Gilin’s has shut its doors indefinitely in the name of hygiene and peace. St. Patrick’s day 2020 in Lisbon was basically cancelled. And “the best pint of Guinness in town” has become but a sweet memory…

Luckily though, the lads and lassies behind Lisbon Irish Session won’t let a global pandemic keep them down. For the last few Mondays, they have been using their modern technology, violins, guitars, flutes, a bit of Irish luck, and the sheer power of will to keep the music alive.

Check out their Facebook page and Youtube channel to hear some defiance, Irish style. Updated roughly every Monday night, as per tradition.


Here’s their latest.

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