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OPEN-AIR CONCERTS | Lisboa Mistura 2022 | FREE

From Cultura na Rua, the organizers of these nine outdoor, weekend-long musical performances from every part of the world:
“Because we’re in a world at war that has turned emigrants into refugees, we still need to raise awareness of the beauty of difference and the legacy of curiosity.

This edition of Lisboa Mistura is also an opportunity to build the joy needed for us to live side by side, resisting the annihilation of difference and the violence of our times. Lisboa Mistura 2022 will be a turning point for this event which, since 2006, has been an intercultural space looking to discover and include the new discourses and movements present in the city.

We’ll be focusing more closely on artistic projects that demonstrate the courage necessary for social and communitarian change and which contain an avant-garde experimentalism, the tool that blurs the divide between high and low culture. From now on, Lisboa Mistura wants to add “world music” to the neighborhoods of Lisbon, generating new perspectives of relationships between different scales.”

View the full program here.

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