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OPERA PERFORMANCE | Catarina Molder: Castafiore | FREE

Here’s the organizers’ synopsis of this 15-minute, genre-bending performance:
“Starting from the iconic female character in the comic strip The Adventures of Tintin, Bianca Castafiore – the Diva who sings, ad aeternum, the famous ‘Aria of the Jewels’ from Gounod’s opera Faust – this show seeks to evoke and deconstruct the figure of the Diva and her own caricature: the Diva who has lost track of time and the world, refusing to leave her pedestal.
Ironically, in the real world, the Diva has actually fallen off her pedestal and lost the aura that surrounded her. Diva wanted!”


More info here.


*With ticket pick-up available at the Foundation’s box office as of the business day prior to the event.

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