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Lisbon’s Associação Gaita-de-Foles translates as the “Bagpipe Association,” and here’s what they say about themselves (and this weekend):
“The purpose of the Bagpipe Association, founded in 1999, is the Study and Promotion of this instrument as well as the cultures and musical practices associated with it, both in Portugal and around the globe.

Based on this principle, Liberfolk is born, a place of sharing and communion where the sounds of traditional inspiration and nature based on the most diverse cultures of the world predominate.

Animation of the public spaces, talks, activities, and concerts are the motto for this first edition and for future editions.

Liberfolk is also the celebration of the month of April and May, thus associating itself with the commemorations of Liberty Day.

Freedom to Dance, Freedom to Sing, Freedom to Dream.

LiberFolk , the Roots of the Future.”

LiberFolk will be planting their seeds with a few workshops and free outdoor concerts (at the gazebo at Largo da Graça) this Saturday and Sunday, and you are hereby cordially invited.

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