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The British are coming! The Russians are coming! The Mexicans are coming! The Muslims are coming! Seems like these days, everybody’s coming…
And, guess what?
Aliens Are Coming.
But, fear not, because you can come too!

Ok, on a more serious but equally weird note — Acidente is, according to them, “first of all a group of friends. The celebrations started from a concrete accident that led to a (large) debt. We respond together with these events; the best way to overcome this event, and somehow honor its contingency, was to share what each one knows how to do, and to call other friends to join. The debt is almost paid, we also want to celebrate this end, which is a beginning.”

This Saturday, Acidente are throwing a party called “Aliens Are Coming,” and here’s how they describe that:
“Extraterrestrial spiders, dinosaurs, giant women and microscopic men. Monstrous creatures and fallen civilizations. There will also be DJs, small concerts, maybe performances and projections. We will announce here, little by little, not to spoil the surprise.”

Well, if you were looking for your weekly dose of weird, you’re welcome.

NOTE: Make sure to check here for updates about exact address of landing, updated details, and the full line-up. Accidental changes in plans seem to be these kids’ thing.

Oh, and maybe don’t bring concrete.

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