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PARTY | Euronight: Spanish Fiesta by ESN Lisboa | Bairro Alto | FREE

Spain and Portugal have never been BFFs, or even buddies, by any definition, historically speaking. Try speaking Spanish in Lisbon, or Portuguese anywhere in Spain, and you’ll see what we mean…
But, as the old adlib goes, children are the future.
Enter ESN (Erasmus Student Network).
In a world where the word “fiesta” is enough to have some people building walls, these young scholars refuse to conform.
Como, you ask?
By throwing a fiesta, of course!

Here’s what they say:
Are you ready for a typically Spanish night?
We have the pleasure to present ‘Euronight: Spanish FIESTA.’
All you have to do is to join us at this incredible night and bailar (“dance”) to the rhythms of Spanish music. There will also be free typical Spanish snacks!”

So vamanos (and/or vamos) to this Fiesta (and/or festa) and be the change you want to see in the world.


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