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PARTY | Fiesta de los Muertos 2019 | Braço de Prata | 10-20€

Halloween parties can be tricky (get it?). It’s not only important to have the right costume and good people, but also the right venue. One such right venue, without fail, is Fábrica do Braço de Prata, and they don’t care about Halloween.
Here’s how they describe their upcoming Party of the Dead:
“Tired of the ‘ugly’ Halloween celebrations, but still eager to celebrate? Five years ago we created one of our most intense parties: the Fiesta de Los Muertos.
We have been able, over the past 12 years, to replace the weight of the weapons previously made here by the lightness of the creative construction that spans these walls and invades the city. We once again believe that we could transform the aberrant, abundant in death celebrations at this time, into a colorful tribute to life.
And no one better than Mexicans to inspire us.
The dead are believed to have divine permission these days to visit their relatives, and the whole party is made to give them way…”

In other words — flowers, candles, incense, Catrinas and Charros, costumes, an altar of honor to the dead, typical Mexican food, drink, music, dancing.

They add:
“We have everything, including divine authorization to welcome you to this party!”


20h00 to 22h30-
Menu de los muertos: traditional mexican food – 20€ for 2 people.

22h30 to 4h00-
Evening concerts by:
ALEBRIJE Mexican Folklore in Portugal

DRESS CODE: Catrina and Charro (not required, but recommended… because it gets you a discount on admission).

10€ tickets here (or at the door if not packed).

Viva los muertos, b.tches!

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