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PARTY | Garden Collective at Arroz Estúdios, #3 | Cacilhas | FREE to 3€

We’ve said this before, but that doesn’t make it less true.
We here at Atlas respect anything the lads behind Garden Collective sow.

So, without further ado, fresh from the Garden itself, here you go:

“Garden’s third installment in Arroz Estúdios is at hand. For this one, we needed reinforcements, so we drafted in musical mercenaries from faraway green shores. They’re coming in hot and heavy, with a variety of genres to keep our heads nodding, our feet tapping, and our hips wiggling.
Similarities between the artists are as follows:
-funny accents;
-easily excited over black pints with cream on top;
-skin that is no more suited to the sun than that of a penguin.
The line-up will be accompanied by the usual vegan/veggie yummies for everyone’s tummies, drinks, and a selection of art exhibited around the space.

Keep an eye out and an ear to the ground for some Celtic vibrations (here) as we will be announcing the lineup of acts in the run-up to the event!”

Hot and heavy musical mercenaries with funny accents who make your hips wiggle?

Le do thoil!

3€ (which gets you permanent membership to Arroz Estúdios).

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