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PARTY | Prohibition – Cider Launch and Swing Night | Cais do Sodré | FREE

Oh, prohibition…
It never really happened in Portugal. Portugal’s progressive like that.
Thank god.
But it did happen in the U.S., almost a century ago. In no small part thanks to god too. And it will probably happen again.
Because, well, Trump doesn’t drink.
…But enough about politics.

To get your weekend fix of nostalgia, Crafty Corner invites you to garb your hipsterest 1920s rags, sip some cider, and swing the night away.
Here’s the word on the street:
“This Saturday we go back in time to the Prohibiton era where alcohol was prohibited and the only place to find a good drop were the illegal Speakeasy bars. A night of 1920s dress-up with the official launch of the Rogue Cider, and live Swing music and Dancing. The party starts at 19h30!”


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