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PERFORMANCE | Uma História Chamada Lisboa | 5€

Uma História Chamada Lisboa (‘A history called Lisbon’) was a cycle of eight performances with “historical and fictional narratives that had Lisbon as the protagonist.” In it, the actress/narrator Ana Sofia Paiva and the singer/songwriter Marco Oliveira proposed “a journey of stories and legends with narration and reading of popular tales, stories of life, excerpts, poems and facts of the Lisbon ideal, with musical interference linked to the roots of urban song and the sound environment of the city’s daily life. Each chapter presents a historical time of the city, an imaginary one.”

In the final performance, “all previous chapters are revisited on a trip to Lisbon from its foundation to the present day,” and you can still get your 5€ tickets for Saturday morning here.

P.S.: You’ll need some Portuguese for this one.

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