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PHILOSOPHICAL CONFERENCE | Translation and Urban Landscape | São Sebastião | FREE

IFILNOVA is a cool word. Also, it’s the Instituto de Filosofia da Nova (Nova Institute of Philosophy), who say their main purpose is “to develop research programs focused upon human action and value construction at the ethical, political, and aesthetic levels.”
They are particular fans of studies on Nietzsche and Wittgenstein. Which means they’re optimists.


Here’s how they describe that:
“What links the daily life of cities to the images of language? To what extent is it possible to reflect on the city through translation, and vice versa? Situated at this point of intersection, the issue is as old as it is urgent. In many ways, the multiple linguistic and cultural forms that traverse today’s cities are a living and paradoxical reconstruction of the ancient myths of language fragmentation – such as the Tower of Babel myth. This conference will explore the many facets of translating within and across the urban landscape, taking Walter Benjamin’s The Passages of Paris as a starting point, a philosophical reflection on the relationship between different historical eras based on the history of the city of Paris.”

Here’s the full program:

10h –
Opening remarks.
Bruno C. Duarte, Maria Filomena Molder, Nélio Conceição and Nuno Fonseca (IFILNOVA, NEW FCSH)
Showcase of the radiobroadcast One-way Streets.

10h30 – 11h20-
Sherry Simon (Concordia University – Montreal): Arcades, Bridges, Hotels, Monuments and other Translation Sites.

Coffee Break.

11h40 – 12h20-
Alexandra Days Strong (IFILNOVA, NEW FCSH): Wor (l) d Cities: Translating Writing into Built Form

12h20 – 13h10.
José Miranda Justo (CFUL, University of Lisbon): Displacements: complex metaphors, artworks and translation.

Lunch Break.

14h40 – 15h30-
Daniel Weidner (ZfL – Berlin, Humboldt University): Translating the Name of the City. Walter Benjamin and the Afterlife of Charles Baudelaire and Marcel Proust

15h30 – 16h10-
Nélio Conceição (IFILNOVA, NEW FCSH): Translating ambiguities: prostitution, gambling and thresholds in the Arcades Project.

Coffee Break.

16h30 – 17h20-
The Transposition Question: Original Phenomene, Original and Dialectical Image.

Colégio Almada Negreiros, NEW FCSH, Room 217.

NOTE: You’ll need some Portuguese for this one; but, if you got it, you can go philosophize about what ‘AirBnB’ really means.


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