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PIZZA DANCE PARTY | Pizza Tropical | Castelo | 5€

From the organizers:
“What’s better than a Sunday get-together with friends spent dancing to good music and eating delicious pizza slices?
This time we’re gonna bring you to a summer-feeling tropical setting and, while the DJs are gonna spin a selection of the finest music, at the bar you will be able to order warm delicious pizza.
…and before you ask: we won’t have pineapple pizza, the Italians in the team threatened to strike if we had such a blasphemy on the menu.

In case you weren’t there, here’s what our previous events looked like.

We also have a group where we discuss music and parties in Lisbon, feel free to join here.

The success of these parties depends also on your contribution: if you like what we did so far and you’d like to support us, please invite friends that might be interested in joining us!

– Sindy Sparkles.
Vanja Favetta (Whole Ball Of Wax).
Black Pomade.

Our resident DJ trio will make you sweat with a selection of tropical/world/electronic beats!

ENTRANCE: 5€ with a drink.
(before 19h we offer an extra free beer/wine, come early!)

All profits will be donated to a charity organization, more details about this initiative soon!

We will also have vegan options.”

Like we said:

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