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PUNK ROCK CONCERT | The Tourorists: Project Hector | FREE

On August 8th, 2018, now local legends but then nobodies The Tourorists played their very first official concert for the people at Má Língua.

However, on that historical night, only one The Tourorist would actually perform. The second one was there but out of commission (due to broken bones), and the third, not even having been a member yet, was already kicked out of the band (he, thus, performed solo as Shaka’s Lo-Fi experience).

Now, four insane years later, The Tourorists triumphantly return to their humble beginnings— stronger, wiser, and broker but not brokener — to share with the afore-mentioned people their latest (and second) official musical deliverance: the Project Hector EP. As a trio, enshallah…


Meanwhile, here’s a video for the first hit single off Project Hector.

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