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SINGING WORKSHOP | Oficina KWIMBA: vivência de canto e ancestralidade | 10-20€

Here’s what BOTA, the organizers of this Saturday afternoon workshop, say:
“KWIMBA in jaua, the language of one of the peoples from which she is descended, means SING. It is an integrated concept of technique, knowledge, experience, and creation developed by Lenna Bahule, from her personal journey of discovery of her own voice and creativity. In it she presents elements that she considers essential for any singer who is seeking to be aligned with her art and musical creation. These elements are the body, movement, the voice, memories, and the singing (sound) itself.

This is an experience to express joy, connection, and ancestrality through singing, movement, and play using body music practices and the creative universe of the popular arts of Mozambique.”

About your teacher:
“Lenna Bahule is Multi-artist singer, art educator and cultural activist, born in Maputo, Mozambique. She is immersed in a constant research and exchange with the afro-cultures and social movements of her country and other African diasporas. In Brazil, where she lived for 7 years, she based her research on vocal music and the different ways of using the voice and the body as a musical instrument and of artistic expression.
As an art educator, she has been conducting and teaching body-voice-movement and activities related to the Mozambican songbook since 2013. She has conducted improvisation groups in several cities in Brazil and some European countries such as Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland.”

Duration: 3 hours (including break).
Number of participants: Up to 25 people.

ENTRY*: conscious contribution (10€ minimum, 15€ ideal, 20€ abundance).

*RSVP here, or get more info via

Here’s Lenna doing her thing.

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